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Fig. 2

From: Morphometric measurements of bedrock rivers at different spatial scales and applications to geomorphological heritage research

Fig. 2

Hillshade DEM obtained from ALS data, with spatial resolutions of 5 m (a) and 1 m (b); detailed digital photogrammetry (c) obtained from UAV image (resolution 0.25 m). ac the case study area in “La Pedriza” (Madrid, Spain). Panels b and c are enlargements from marked areas in a and b. d TLS data interpolated with a spatial resolution of 0.05 m. Panel d is obtained from UNAVCO organisation TLS free data of an area near Prescott (Arizona, USA, This sequence shows how ALS resolution does not allow identifying small-scale elements in the channel, something that can only be achieved from TLS and detailed digital photogrammetry data

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