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Fig. 3

From: Drastic effect of shearing on graphite microtexture: attention and application to Earth science

Fig. 3

Change of Raman spectra and its crystallinity parameter (R2) at each sample preparation step from diamond-tipped saw cutting to 1 μm diamond paste on three spots (G01-2, G01-3, G02-1). a Change of Raman spectra at each sample preparation step at the spot of G01-3. b Change of crystallinity parameter (R2) at each step except #220. Raman measurement after #220 was skipped, and its R2 data are blank. ch Surface shape change under reflected microscope after cutting by a diamond-tipped saw (c, f), after 3 min by #1200 polishing (d, g), and after 10 min by diamond paste polishing (e, h) of grains G01 and G02. Please note that the rough polishing steps scrap the surface greatly and not always measure exactly the same point as in previous polishing steps

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