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Fig. 1

From: Drastic effect of shearing on graphite microtexture: attention and application to Earth science

Fig. 1

Photomicrograph of the analyzed graphite. a, b Graphite grains under reflected light. c Studied graphite grain under transmitted light. The area exposed on the surface of graphite is surrounded by a white dotted line. Minerals surrounding the graphite are biotite and K-feldspar. d Studied graphite grain under reflected light. The area shown in (e) is indicated by a white square. e Magnified reflective microscope image of studied graphite. Streaks (grooves) extending in one direction can be seen on the graphite surface. The black dashed line and white dashed line indicate the place where the CLSM and the line-stepped scan by Raman spectroscopy were preformed, respectively. The area cut out using the FIB is enclosed by a black square. Abbreviations are Bt, biotite; Gr, graphite; Kfs, K-feldspar

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