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Fig. 7

From: Vertical profiles of arsenic and arsenic species transformations in deep-sea sediment, Nankai Trough, offshore Japan

Fig. 7

Relationships of total As and δ18 O and dissolved chemical components in IW sensitive to changing redox condition a: chlorinity and δ18O; b: chrolinity and Br- concentration; c: Br- and PO43- concentrations; d: NH4+ and PO43- e: PO43- and Fe; f: PO43- and As; g: pH and As; Fe and As. SW, MH, and BG are the seawater, dissolved water from methane hydrate, and diagenetically altered interstitial water, respectively (a referred Toki et al. (2017) was modified). Data except As concentrations were from Moore et al. (2013) and Toki et al. (2017)

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