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Table 1 Identified lithotypes and their major characteristics

From: In situ investigation of stone heritage sites for conservation purposes: a case study of the Székesfehérvár Ruin Garden in Hungary

Lithology Code Description (mean open porosity %) Microscopic characteristics
Ooidal peloidal limestone OL Creamy, coarse-grained highly porous (28%) Ooidal-peloidal packstone
Shelly limestone SL Creamy yellowish, fine-grained porous (23%) Shelly packstone
Polimict sandy calcarenite SC Brownish creamy, coarse-grained, porous (13%) Quartz-rich wackestone
Red biomicritic limestone RL Red nodular limestone with very low porosity (< 1%) Wackestone
Foraminifera-bearing limestone FL Light yellowish creamy, very porous (19%) Peloid-microoncoid packstone
Travertine T Yellowish creamy, moderately porous (11%) Boundstone
Quartz-porphyry (rhyolite) Rh Light brownish-purple brown with small phenocrysts of quartz and K-feldspar (4%) Micro-crystalline porphyritic
Granite Gr Light red, fine-grained phaneritic (1%) Hypidiomorphic crystalline
Marble M Light greyish white coarse crystalline (< 1%) Inequigranular with serrated crystal boundaries