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Fig. 3

From: The architecture of long-lived fault zones: insights from microstructure and quartz lattice-preferred orientations in mylonites of the Median Tectonic Line, SW Japan

Fig. 3

Photographs showing MTL fault rocks in outcrop. a Outcrop of the Sambagawa schist in the Tsukide area. A north-dipping normal fault is shown, with fault-drag folds visible in the inset. b Small-scale ductile shear zone in the Sambagawa schist in the Ako–Miyamae area. The shear zone is traceable for ~ 2 m and has an offset of ~ 4 cm. c Outcrop of highly fractured protomylonite from ~ 350 m north of the MTL. A pair of conjugate fractures are indicated by black dashed lines. d Outcrop of the MTL in the Ako–Miyamae area. At this outcrop, no gouge is observed, and Ryoke-derived rocks are in direct contact with the Sambagawa schist

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