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Fig. 9

From: Paleoceanographic changes in the Northern East China Sea during the last 400 kyr as inferred from radiolarian assemblages (IODP Site U1429)

Fig. 9

Temporal fluctuation of the local primary productivity: a benthic foraminifera isotope curve of Sagawa et al. (2018), b radiolarian absolute abundance, c radiolarian absolute abundance of species bearing algal symbiosis based on Zhang et al. 2018 (A. vinculata, B. scutum, L. hispida, P. obeliscus, P. praetextum, P. clausus, A. lappacea/spinosa, D. tetrathalamus, D. muelleri, P. pylonium group, S. resurgens, S. streptacantha, Tetrapyle circularis/fruticosa group, L. reticulata, Heliodiscus spp., D. elegans), d C. davisiana (%), e continental shelf species (%), f total organic carbon (TOC) (%), and g diatom abundances

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