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Fig. 3

From: Paleoceanographic changes in the Northern East China Sea during the last 400 kyr as inferred from radiolarian assemblages (IODP Site U1429)

Fig. 3

Key Nassellarian species encountered at Site U1429. 1–2 Botryostrobus auritus (Ehrenberg) (sample 346-U1429A-7H6-27-29 cm); 3–5 Cycladophora davisiana Ehrenberg (sample 346-U1429C-10H4-27-29 cm); 6–9 Arachnocorallium calvata Petrushevskaya group (sample 346-U1429A-7H6-27-29 cm); 10, 14 Phormospyris spp. (10. sample 346-U1429C-10H4-27-29 cm, 11 sample 346-U1429A-7H6-27-29 cm); 11–13 Arachnocorys castanoides Tan and Tchang (sample 346-U1429A-1H1-27-29 cm); 15–17 Pseudocubus obeliscus Haeckel (sample 346-U1429A-7H6-27-29 cm); 21-24 Lithomelissa setosa Jørgensen (sample 346-U1429A-7H6-27-29 cm); 18-19 Pseudodictyophimus gracilipes (Bailey) (sample 346-U1429C-10H4-27-29 cm); 20 Plectacantha oikiskos (Jørgensen) (Sample 346-U1429A-7H6-27-29 cm); 26 Dimelissa thoracites (Haeckel) (sample 346-U1429A-1H1-27-29 cm); 25 Phormacantha hystrix Jørgensen 

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