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Fig. 6

From: Regionality of long-term trends and interannual variation of seasonal precipitation over India

Fig. 6

Distribution of the climatological value averaged for 1958–2013 for seasonal precipitation and wind vectors at 850 hPa and long-term variation of the wind field at 850 hPa during 1958–2013. Precipitation (mm season−1) (shaded) and wind vectors at 850 hPa (m s−1) (vector) for MAM (a), JJAS (b), OND (c), and JF (d). Slope of the liner trend (mm season−1 year−1) at the 5% significance level based on the Mann–Kendall test (shaded) and the regression coefficient of secular variation of wind at 850 hPa (vector) in MAM (e). Same as (e) but for JJAS (f), same as (e) but for OND (g), and same as (e) but for JF (h). Colored (red) vector shows significance over the 2% level based on the Student t test

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