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Fig. 8

From: Cyclostratigraphy of the Late Miocene to Pliocene sediments at IODP sites U1425 and U1430 in the Japan Sea and paleoceanographic implications

Fig. 8

Comparison of NGR, GRA, and LSR with composite benthic isotope curve from DeVleeschouwer et al. (2017) (purple). Vertical green lines indicate good correlation between physical properties and oxygen isotope, while yellow lines are indicated that correlation is unclear. Marine isotope stage number from Lisiecki and Raymo (2005) and Miller et al. (1991) is also shown in the top panel. Variations at site U1425 are shown as blue and U1430 as red. Lithological unit (Tada et al. 2015b, 2015c) and paleoceanographic condition stage number (Tada 1994) are also shown and that positions are revised in this study. Parallel lamination positions are shown as blue bars at site U1425 and red bars at site U1430

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