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Fig. 14

From: A two million year record of low-latitude aridity linked to continental weathering from the Maldives

Fig. 14

Temperature records based on alkenones from various boreholes in the Atlantic and Arabian Sea. Sites 607 and 982 were drilled in the N-Atlantic; Site 1082 was drilled in the South Atlantic and Site 722 in the western Arabian Sea. A 200 kyr moving average smoothing was applied (bold line) to reveal the long-term trends. The early onset of a fall in temperatures in Sites 607 and 722 coincides with the early drop in Fe/K ratios in Site U1467 prior to the switch in dominance of the 41 kyr to the 100 kyr around 1.25 Ma. There is a strong resemblance of the long-term trends in the Fe/K record with the temperature records

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