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Fig. 7

From: Punctuated growth of an accretionary prism and the onset of a seismogenic megathrust in the Nankai Trough

Fig. 7

A model of the relative plate motions around Philippine Sea Plate and Nankai Trough. These were calculated from the NNR-MORVEL56 models (Argus et al. 2011). AM Amurian Plate, NA North America Plate, EU Eurasia Plate, YZ Yantz Plate, PS Philippine Sea Plate, SU Sunda Plate, CL Caroline Plate, PA Pacific Plate, A Eastern Margin of the Japan Sea, B Nankai Trough, C Ryukyu Trench, D Manila and Philippine Trenches, E Yap and Palau Trenches, F Izu-Bonin-Mariana Trenches. Note that the Philippine Sea Plate is intensively driven by west-northwest-ward subduction. Plate boundaries are not defined by specific faults but zoned, thus shown in the shaded area

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