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Fig. 4

From: Punctuated growth of an accretionary prism and the onset of a seismogenic megathrust in the Nankai Trough

Fig. 4

A seismic reflection profile of ODKM-B (Tsuji et al. 2015) (a) and interpretation (b). The location for the profile is shown in Fig. 1. Unconformities US1 and 2 and US3 on the right side of the figure are correlated to S2, UC1, and UC2 of Saffer et al. (2009) and KL, UC1, and UC2 of Moore et al. (2015), respectively, on the basis of the relayed correlation in Fig. 3. Ages are from Saffer et al. (2009) and Moore et al. (2015). A red arrow shows an onlap unconformity. Growth strata with arrowed line are also shown in this figure

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