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Fig. 1

From: Punctuated growth of an accretionary prism and the onset of a seismogenic megathrust in the Nankai Trough

Fig. 1

Index map for the Nankai Trough and forearc off the Kii Peninsula, southwest Japan. Thin gray and thick white-red lines are seismic profiles in Tsuji et al. (2015). Lines ODKM-M and ODKM-B are shown in Tsuji et al. (2015). KBEFZ: Kumano Basin Edge Fault Zone. Subduction directions are from Argus et al. (2011) for the Eurasian/Philippine Sea plates (black) and the Amurian/Philippine Sea plates (red). Red area represents distribution of volcano-plutonic rocks inferred from geophysical data (Tsuji et al. 2015)

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