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Fig. 5

From: Cool, alkaline serpentinite formation fluid regime with scarce microbial habitability and possible abiotic synthesis beneath the South Chamorro Seamount

Fig. 5

Stable isotope composition of CH4, C2H6, and the relevant molecules. Open and filled symbols, respectively, represent data from observations of hydrocarbon-enriched geofluid systems and experiments simulating methanogenesis. Data sources are following: high-temperature hydrothermal fluids (Konn et al. 2015; Kawagucci et al. 2016 and references therein), Lost City (Proskurowski et al. 2006; 2008), Happo (Suda et al. 2014), The Ceders (Wang et al. 2015), Kidd Creek (Sherwood-Lollar et al. 2002), petroleum field (Burruss and Laughrey 2010), magnetite experiments (Fu et al. 2007), Fe experiment (McCollom et al. 2010), thermogenic experiment (Seewald et al. 1994) (assuming the CH4-H2O isotope equilibrium), and microbial incubation (Okumura et al. 2016b)

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