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Fig. 5

From: Dynamic formation process of thick deformation zone on the shallow plate boundary fault of the Japan Trench: insight from analog experiments of half-graben subduction

Fig. 5

Schematics of dancing. ac Continuous deformation of dancing. The white arrow indicates the branch point (McClay 1992). When the fault grows longer, it evolves into an anastomosing structure, as observed in stage 3 of Fig. 4. d The fault activity during dancing and the accumulated shear strain (100 s = 20 image frames) of EXP 2 during the stage 3. The accumulated shear strain becomes larger in the order from blue to red in the color reference. Incremental shear strain indicates relative, not absolute, quantity. e Schematic diagrams of the fault dancing with the comparison of the JFAST site. Convex upward deformation of the fault is gradual, then the fault abruptly passes down to become a straight fault

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