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Fig. 4

From: In-situ mechanical weakness of subducting sediments beneath a plate boundary décollement in the Nankai Trough

Fig. 4

Depth profiles of calculated EST at C0023 together with the cropped seismic section, the lithologic profiles (Lith. unit), calcium carbonate content, and P-wave velocity from core sample analyses. The blue line in the seismic section indicates the borehole location. The lithostratigraphic units were first described during previous drilling programs (Moore et al. 2001). The section between 758.2 and 796.4 mbsf is identified as the décollement zone and the sediment/basement interface is recognized at 1125.9 mbsf (Heuer et al. 2017b). Characteristic features found via core sample observations are also displayed by the lithologic units. P-wave velocities were measured on discrete core samples (Morono et al. 2017). The depth of décollement zone identified in site 1174 (807.6–840.2 mbsf) are shown on the right side (Moore et al. 2001)

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