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Fig. 5

From: Three-dimensional mapping and kinematic characterization of mass transport deposits along the outer Kumano Basin and Nankai accretionary wedge, southwest Japan

Fig. 5

MTD 3 interpretations. The primary direction of translation is SE ➔ NW. BSS—basal shear surface; ESS—en-echelon sigmoidal segments. a Schematic depiction of the domains and main kinematic features within MTD 3. The question mark indicates an undefined headwall domain due to erosion. The large yellow area indicates the location of MTD 4. b Seismic amplitude map of the structurally flattened top surface of MTD 3 (blue line in c). Inset is a structurally flattened portion of the BSS showing thrusts in the toe domain. c Inline seismic cross section 2492 transecting the translational and toe domains (location shown in b). d Structurally flattened coherency slice showing a lateral margin of MTD 3 (location shown in a). Note the en-echelon sigmoidal segments. e Arbitrary seismic cross section along the lateral margin of MTD 3 (location shown in d)

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