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Fig. 4

From: Three-dimensional mapping and kinematic characterization of mass transport deposits along the outer Kumano Basin and Nankai accretionary wedge, southwest Japan

Fig. 4

MTD 1 interpretations. The primary direction of translation is S ➔ N. BSR—bottom-simulating reflector; BSS—basal shear surface; ESS—en-echelon sigmoidal segments. a Schematic depiction of the domains and main kinematic features within MTD 1. b Seismic amplitude map of structurally flattened BSS. c Inline seismic cross section 2480 transecting the translational and toe domains. Note that BSR reflection crosscuts the MTDs and disrupts the stratal continuity. Purple arrows indicate onlapping relationships. d Structurally flattened coherency slice showing a lateral margin of MTD 1 (location shown in a). e Arbitrary seismic cross section along the lateral margin of MTD 1. Location of the line is shown in d

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