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Fig. 4

From: Temporal changes in the internal stresses and pore pressures in a large-scale submarine mass transport deposit

Fig. 4

Fault-slip data obtained from the coastal outcrop of the Akkeshi Formation (modified from Naruse and Otsubo 2011a). Great circles shown by lower-hemisphere, equal-angle projection represent the orientation of normal or oblique normal faults. Solid and dotted great circles represent normal or oblique normal and reverse or oblique reverse faults, respectively. Open circles on the great circles show the direction of slickenside striations on the fault planes. Arrows attached to the open circles show the sense of shear. Arrows pointing to the center of stereonet and those pointing to the opposite direction represent reverse and normal senses, respectively. Paired arrows attached to the open circles indicate a sinistral or dextral sense of shear

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