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Fig. 2

From: Temporal changes in the internal stresses and pore pressures in a large-scale submarine mass transport deposit

Fig. 2

MTD in the Akkeshi Formation in the Nemuro Group (modified from Naruse and Otsubo 2011a). a Mosaic photograph of the MTD observed in the coastal outcrop (modified from Naruse and Otsubo 2011a). The location of the outcrop is shown in Fig. 1. b Sketch of the mass transport deposit from the mosaic photograph of the ~ 1.6 km-long continuous outcrop in the coastal outcrop (modified from Naruse and Otsubo 2011a). The sketch shows the typical zone that we can recognize the facies A, B, and C. Arrows indicate outcrops from which fault data were obtained. c Schematic diagram of the transport, depositional processes, and internal stress changes of a mass flow, interpreted from the coastal outcrop. The flow was experienced two different stress fields: (1) extensional stress created by the radial spreading of the flow during its downcurrent movement (phase I), and (2) compressional stress during deposition on the basin plain (phase II) (Naruse and Otsubo 2011a). Stereograms (lower-hemisphere, equal-area projection) show stresses from a MTD reported by Naruse and Otsubo (2011a). Arrows show the direction of paleo-transport

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