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Fig. 5

From: Geophysical constraints on microbial biomass in subseafloor sediments and coal seams down to 2.5 km off Shimokita Peninsula, Japan

Fig. 5

Depth profiles for a in-situ porosity, b in-situ permeability, and c modal pore size distribution. The legend shows the lithology of the core samples. Logging data and porosity data are modified from Inagaki et al. (2012). In-situ porosity and in-situ permeability values were estimated based on the relationship between porosity/permeability and effective pressure, as shown in Fig. 4. The initial permeability plotted in (b) is the measured value at low effective pressure (1 to 3 MPa). The modal pore size was obtained from MICPT measurements under unconfined conditions

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