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Fig. 9

From: Diurnal cycle over a coastal area of the Maritime Continent as derived by special networked soundings over Jakarta during HARIMAU2010

Fig. 9

Diurnal composite of each term in the thermodynamic budget analyses, for moisture; a is for the vertically integrated values of each of the terms in the thermodynamic budget analyses. Lines are labeled by strings with the same color. The black thick line with labeled “Total” is the time derivative for the amount of moisture. Broken lines labeled “<Hadv>” and “<Vadv>” are for the array-scale horizontal and vertical advection terms, respectively. The 95% confidence intervals are showed by thin vertical bars for each value and each timestep. b to e are in the time–pressure cross section, for b array-scale vertical advection, c array-scale horizontal advection, d Q2, and e the array-scale vertical air motion in pressure coordinates. Note that all of the values are positive for the heating or drying of the atmosphere (troposphere)

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