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Fig. 6

From: Temporal change in seismic velocity associated with an offshore MW 5.9 Off-Mie earthquake in the Nankai subduction zone from ambient noise cross-correlation

Fig. 6

Snapshots of spatial and temporal seismic velocity variations. Plots show 30-day windows centered on a 16 February 2016, b 16 April 2016 (including the day of the mainshock), c 16 May 2016, d 16 July 2016, e 16 February 2017, and f 16 November 2017. Squares represent the locations of nodes, and their colors represent averaged velocity changes at each node. Circles represent the locations of DONET stations, and their colors represent velocity changes at each station obtained by the tomography approach. Colored lines represent velocity changes between each station pair. The star marks the epicenter of the 2016 Off-Mie earthquake, and red dots are the epicenters of earthquakes in the period from 3 h before to 48 h after the mainshock (Wallace et al. 2016). Additional file 2 presents the complete time series as an animation

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