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Fig. 3

From: Temporal change in seismic velocity associated with an offshore MW 5.9 Off-Mie earthquake in the Nankai subduction zone from ambient noise cross-correlation

Fig. 3

Examples of temporal variations of cross-correlations and seismic velocities for station pairs. a KMB-7 and KMB-8. b KMD-14 and KMD-15. Upper plots are daily cross-correlations constructed from the 30-day stacked moving average. Lower plots are seismic velocity variations between two stations obtained from the cross-correlations in the upper panel (thin central magenta line, with standard deviation calculated using Eq. (5), shown in white) with respect to changes before the 2016 Off-Mie earthquake. The background colors indicate the cross-correlation coefficient. Vertical solid lines show the day of the 2016 Off-Mie earthquake and the dashed lines show the 30-day time window influenced by the mainshock. The gray shaded area in b represents the set of 30-day periods affected by missing data from node KMD from 12 to 31 March 2016

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