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Fig. 1

From: Temporal change in seismic velocity associated with an offshore MW 5.9 Off-Mie earthquake in the Nankai subduction zone from ambient noise cross-correlation

Fig. 1

Tectonic, bathymetric, and geologic features of the Nankai trough region (after Tsuji et al. 2017). Circles represent DONET stations with different colors for each node (KMA, KMB, KMC, KMD, and KME), and the square represents the OW tidal gauge station. The yellow star is the epicenter of the 2016 Off-Mie earthquake, and the red dots represent epicenters of foreshocks and aftershocks from 3 h before to 48 h after the mainshock (Wallace et al. 2016). Blue stars represent the epicenters of the 1944 Tonankai and the 1946 Nankaido earthquakes. Red arrows represent seafloor velocity vectors from Yokota et al. (2016)

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