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Fig. 5

From: Development of a database and visualization system integrating various models of seismic velocity structure and subducting plate geometry around Japan

Fig. 5

Visualization of various seismic structural models under the Nankai Trough. The cross section of the 3D seismic velocity model is from Nakajima and Hasegawa (2007), the 3D plate geometry model from Nakanishi et al. (2018), the 2D plate geometry and seismic velocity models from Kodaira et al. (2006), and the hypocentral distribution from Akuhara et al. (2013). The green rectangle on the Earth’s surface shows the user-defined search area. Differences between the individual models are notable; for example, hypocenters located at the surface of the subducting slab are consistently deeper than the top of the slab in the 3D plate geometry model

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