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Plate 1 | Progress in Earth and Planetary Science

Plate 1

From: Paleoceanographic history of the Japan Sea over the last 9.5 million years inferred from radiolarian assemblages (IODP Expedition 346 Sites U1425 and U1430)

Plate 1

Photomicrographs of select radiolarian species used in this study: 1. Dictyocoryne profunda Ehrenberg (sample 346-U1425D-1H1-12–14 cm), 2. Larcopyle buetschlii Dreyer (sample 346-U1425D-1H1-12–14 cm), 3. Lithelius barbatus Motoyama (sample 346-U1425B-47H1-91-93 cm), 4. Larcopyle weddellium Lazarus, Faust and Popova-Goll (sample 346-U1425B-47H1-91-93 cm), 5. Lithelius minor Jørgensen group (sample 346-U1425B-29H1-81–83 cm), 6–7. Spongodiscidae juvenile (sample 346-U1425B-23H5-129-131 cm), 8. Spongopyle osculosa Dreyer (sample 346-U1425B-23H5-129–131 cm), 9. Stylodictya tenuispina Jørgensen group, 10. Phorticium spp. (sample 346-U1425B-6H5-11–13 cm), 11–12. Tetrapyle spp. (Fig. 11: sample 346-U1425B-6H5–11–13 cm, Fig. 12: sample 346-U1425B-34H4–46-48 cm), 13. Lychnocanoma magnacornuta Sakai (sample 346-U1425B-51HCC-24-29 cm), 14. Lipmanella redondoensis (Campbell and Clark) (sample 346-U1425D-29H1–45-47 cm), 15. Peripyramis circumtexta Haeckel group (sample 346-U1425B-47H1–91-93 cm), 16. Cornutella profunda Ehrenberg group (sample 346-U1425B-47H1–91-93 cm), 17–18. Stichocorys peregrina /delmontensis group (sample 346-U1425B-34H4-46–48 cm), 19–20. Siphocampe arachnea/lineata (Ehrenberg) group (sample 346-U1425B-21H6-19–21 cm), 21–22. Lithomelissa setosa Jørgensen (sample 346-U1425B-5H6-81–83 cm), 23–24. Amphimelissa setosa (Cleve) (sample 346-U1425B-3H4-51–53 cm), 25. Pseudodictyophimus gracilipes (Bailey) (sample 346-U1425B-5H6-81–83 cm), 26. Lychnocanoma parrallelipes Motoyama (sample 346-U1425B-34H4-46–48 cm), 27. Cycladophora nakasekoi Motoyama (sample 346-U1425B-47H1-91–93 cm), 28. Cycladophora sphaeris (Popofsky) (sample 346-U1425B-21H6-19–21 cm), 29. Cycladophora davisiana (Ehrenberg) (sample 346-U1425B-6H5-11–13 cm), 30. Carpocanistrum papillosum (Ehrenberg) group (sample 346-U1425B-34H4-46–48 cm), 31. Ceratospyris borealis Bailey (sample 346-U1425B-3H5-12–14 cm)

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