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Fig. 6

From: Redox-controlled mechanisms of C and H isotope fractionation between silicate melt and COH fluid in the Earth’s interior

Fig. 6

Fractionation factor, α, set equal to the fluid/melt exchange equilibrium coefficient (see text for discussion) for D/H exchange between coexisting fluid and melt as a function of temperature in silicate–COH systems under reducing and oxidizing conditions. Insert shows typical Raman spectrum (here from fluid) to illustrate the appearance of the Raman bands assigned to OD and OH stretch vibrations and used to extract the data themselves. The ∆H values from the two fits are given in Table 1. Also shown are the experimental data for rhyolite–H2O and feldspar–D2O glass and melt composition in the 5–20 MPa pressure range from Dobson et al. (1989) (data otherwise from Mysen 2015a)

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