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Fig. 10

From: Redox-controlled mechanisms of C and H isotope fractionation between silicate melt and COH fluid in the Earth’s interior

Fig. 10

Carbon isotope melt/fluid exchange equilibrium coefficient in silicate–COH systems as a function of temperature and pressure. a Under oxidizing conditions with all carbon residing in CO32− and HCO3 groups. Note that these redox conditions are similar to those of Mattey (1991) and Mattey et al. (1990) who reported log values in the 0.09 to − 0.83 range in the 1200–1400 °C range depending on silicate composition. b Under reducing conditions with all carbon residing in CH4 and/or CH3 groups. The ∆H values from these slopes are reported in Table 1. Data otherwise from Mysen (2016, 2017)

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