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Table 1 Major specifications of Serpong CDR and WPR, and their operating condition during the HARIMAU2010 campaign

From: Meridional march of diurnal rainfall over Jakarta, Indonesia, observed with a C-band Doppler radar: an overview of the HARIMAU2010 campaign

Parameter Value
Radar C-band Doppler radar (CDR) Wind profiling radar (WPR)
Location Serpong (6.40° S, 106.70° E, 46 m AMSL)
Manufacturer and model Toshiba Corporation JMA-237B Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI) WPR LQ-0 (with 3-Parabolic Antennas)
Frequency 5.320 GHz 1357.5 MHz
Peak power 140 kW 400 W
Pulse width 1.0 μs 0.67 μs
Pulse repetition frequency (PRF) 1800 Hz (surveillance) 10 kHz
1360 Hz (volume scan)
Beam width 0.98° 7.6°
Signal processor Sigmet RVP8 SEI LQ
Maximum range 175 km (surveillance) 0.3–10 km (vertically)
105 km (volume scan)
Sampling resolution 200 m 100 m
Antenna rotation speed 30° s−1
Elevation angles 0.6° (surveillance) Beam directions (Az, Ze) (0°,0°), (0°,15°), (90°,15°)
0.6°–50.0° (18 elev./volume scan)
Scan interval 6 min 1 min