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Fig. 3

From: Meridional march of diurnal rainfall over Jakarta, Indonesia, observed with a C-band Doppler radar: an overview of the HARIMAU2010 campaign

Fig. 3

Temporal variations of the CENS, CT, and rainfall during the campaign period. a Temporal variations of NCEP horizontal wind vectors and meridional wind speed (shade) at 925 hPa averaged between 106° S–108° E, b CENS and c CT indices, d the GSMaP daily rainfall amount over Jakarta, and e CDR echo coverages. d The GSMaP rain rate is divided into three regions as designated in Fig. 1b: coastal sea (red), plain (green), and mountain foothills (gray). e Bars (gray) and lines (black) in the CDR echo coverages indicate the total echo coverage (%) and convective rain area fraction (%)

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