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Fig. 2

From: Meridional march of diurnal rainfall over Jakarta, Indonesia, observed with a C-band Doppler radar: an overview of the HARIMAU2010 campaign

Fig. 2

Synoptic disturbances during the campaign period. a Hovmöller diagram of the GSMaP rain intensity with NCEP wind vectors at 925 hPa and b the RMM index based on data distributed from the BMRC during January and February 2010. The vertical line in panel a indicates the longitudinal location Serpong, Jakarta (106.7° E). The vertical arrow between the two horizontal lines shows the period of the HARIMAU2010 campaign (16 January–14 February 2010). Open and closed circles in panel b show daily positions of the MJO center during the campaign period and starting/ending dates of the campaign, respectively

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