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Fig. 4

From: Response of the atmospheric hydrological cycle over the tropical Asian monsoon regions to anthropogenic aerosols and its seasonality

Fig. 4

a Latitude-vertical (in pressure) cross-section in meridional and vertical winds over the Asian monsoon region (60° E–110° E) during JJA. b Same as Fig. 5a, but over the Pacific Ocean (120° E–150° W) during JJA. c Longitude-vertical (in pressure) cross-section in zonal and vertical winds along the equator (10° S–10° N) during JJA. As we used ω, we multiplied ω by − 1 for vectors to understand vertical motions. The plotted vectors are statistically significant for horizontal or vertical components, or both. The red (blue) color indicates ascending (descending) motion. The unit of zonal and meridional winds is m s −1. The unit of ω is 10 −4 Pa s −1. The plotted colors are statistically significant for the vertical component

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