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Fig. 20

From: Nonlinear dynamical analysis of GNSS data: quantification, precursors and synchronisation

Fig. 20

Synchronisation between signals from station PAWA on the the North Island with KAIK signals on the South Island (see Fig. 11a). a Cross recurrence plot between PAWA_e and KAIK_e. PAWA_ upper frame, KAIK_e signal lower frame (b) Joint recurrence plot between PAWA_e and KAIK_e. KAIK_e signal upper frame, PAWA_e signal lower frame. c Cross recurrence plot between signals PAWA_e (top frame) and KAIK_e (lower frame) coving the period of the Kaikōura event. d Zoom into early part of Fig. 20a showing the steep LOS (red arrow) accompanying a major displacement jump

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