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Fig. 12

From: Nonlinear dynamical analysis of GNSS data: quantification, precursors and synchronisation

Fig. 12

Recurrence plots for stations marked as yellow stars in Fig. 11a. In all figures the embedding dimension is 10 and the time delay is 5. The scaling is maximum distance and the radius is 20% (Webber and Zbilut 2005). The parameter c is 5 so that 4 levels of contors appear in each plot. The signal for the raw data is shown at the base of each recurrence plot at the same linear scale as the plot. Details of these signals together with the time scale are shown in Fig. 11. a CNST_e. b CNST_u. c PARI_e. d MAHI_e. e KAHU_e. f PAWA_e. g PAWA_u. h PAWA_u with sliding windows marked in red. Within each window a different pattern of recurrence occurs. The zero for the time scale in each of these plots and in subsequent plots in this paper is the zero for the relevant time scale in Fig. 11

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