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Fig. 12

From: Drastic thickening of the barrier layer off the western coast of Sumatra due to the Madden-Julian oscillation passage during the Pre-Years of the Maritime Continent campaign

Fig. 12

Schematic profiles of the salinity (blue, top axis) and temperature (red, bottom axis) a before the 1st wind burst (WB) forcing on 12 December (6 m/s, 36 mm/day), b during the 1st WB forcing peak on 13 December (9 m/s, 5 mm/day), c during the 1st weakened WB forcing on 14 December (6 m/s, 10 mm/day), d during the 2nd WB forcing on 15 December (9 m/s, 74 mm/day), e during the 2nd weakened WB forcing on 16 December (6 m/s, 61 mm/day), f after the 2nd WB forcing on 17 December (3 m/s, − 1 mm/day) in 2015. The solid and dashed lines indicate the MLD and ILD, respectively

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