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Fig. 1

From: Drastic thickening of the barrier layer off the western coast of Sumatra due to the Madden-Julian oscillation passage during the Pre-Years of the Maritime Continent campaign

Fig. 1

a Location of the observation sites and bathymetry (color, m). The red circle indicates the stationary observation site from 23 November to 17 December in 2015. The black circles indicate the 26 CTD observations from 00Z 21 November to 18Z 22 November at 10 km intervals. b The bathymetry along the line of A-A′ in (a). The maximum observation depth of the CTD observations is 500 m except for the locations at 00Z on 21 (1000 m), 17Z on 22 (374 m), and 18Z 22 (200 m) November. The periods between 00Z and 19Z on 21, 19Z on 21 and 06Z on 22, and 06Z and 18Z on 22 November correspond to the open Indian Ocean, oceanic ridge, and marginal sea, respectively

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