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Fig. 8

From: The 2016 Mw 5.9 earthquake off the southeastern coast of Mie Prefecture as an indicator of preparatory processes of the next Nankai Trough megathrust earthquake

Fig. 8

Temporal changes in shear stress on the plate interface. The same time interval as Fig. 7a at the four depths are shown. The blue and red lines represent shear stress profiles at the initiation points of M6 (depth of 11 km) and M8 earthquakes (depth of 17 km), respectively. At depths deeper than the hypocenter of the M8 earthquake (black line), the stress accumulation rate is higher than that at the hypocenter because of secular loading from stable sliding occurring at a region deeper than the hyper-asperity. At depths shallower than the hyper-asperity (green lines), shear stress is almost constant because of stable sliding, except during the postseismic periods of M6 and M8 earthquakes. Dashed lines represent the reference stress level of each line, with corresponding colors

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