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Fig. 7

From: The 2016 Mw 5.9 earthquake off the southeastern coast of Mie Prefecture as an indicator of preparatory processes of the next Nankai Trough megathrust earthquake

Fig. 7

Simulation result. a Spatiotemporal evolution of the slip rate V during the resultant earthquake cycles. Colors denote the slip velocity. Black region corresponds to strong coupling on the plate interface. Arrows denote occurrences of earthquakes with denoted magnitude. The vertical color bar in the middle panel denotes the depth distribution of (a – b)σeff. b Depth distributions of postseismic slip and slip rate just after the occurrence of a M6 earthquake indicated by solid arrows in a. Cumulative slip and slip rate profiles are shown in the left and right side panels, respectively. Colors of lines indicate days after the M6 earthquake. The broken gray line represents the coseismic slip distribution of the M6 earthquake

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