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Fig. 2

From: The 2016 Mw 5.9 earthquake off the southeastern coast of Mie Prefecture as an indicator of preparatory processes of the next Nankai Trough megathrust earthquake

Fig. 2

Hypocenters of the off-Mie earthquake and aftershocks. a Hypocenter distribution of the 2016 off-Mie earthquake and aftershocks (red circles). Pink focal mechanism symbols indicate shallow VLFEs, and magenta dots are locations of tectonic tremors in April 2016 (Kaneko et al. 2018; Nakano et al. 2018). White triangles represent DONET stations used for our hypocenter relocation. Green and blue lines represent location of MCS survey lines shown in Fig. 5. The thin black line represents the location of MCS survey line (COP2), and the thick black segment represents the location of a topographic high (Tsuru et al. 2005). The purple dashed line indicates the boundary of the topographic high in the basin. Red and blue dashed contours represent regions of low- and high-velocity anomalies, respectively, in the overriding plate (Yamamoto et al. 2017). A high-velocity body off the Kii Peninsula is represented by an orange oval (Kodaira et al. 2006). b Velocity structure used for our hypocenter determination obtained along MCS survey line KI03 (Wallace et al. 2016)

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