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Fig. 1

From: What causes subsidence following the 2011 eruption at Nabro (Eritrea)?

Fig. 1

Topographic map of the Afar Rift Zone (ARZ) from the 90 m SRTM elevation model. Black lines show the regional faults; grey shading shows volcanic segments. Green triangles show positions of volcanoes in the region as defined by the Smithsonian catalogue; red triangles show the volcanoes that comprise the NVR with Nabro highlighted as a white triangle. The footprint of the CSK acquired SAR images is shown in light blue and TSX footprints in dark blue. Upper left inset: the position of the Afar Rift Zone and Main Ethiopian Rift (MER) on the African continent. Lower right inset: topographic map of Nabro and Mallahle volcanoes. The lava flow produced by the 2011 eruption is outlined in white, and the main vent region is outlined in yellow

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