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Fig. 5

From: Relationship between day-to-day variability of equatorial plasma bubble activity from GPS scintillation and atmospheric properties from Ground-to-topside model of Atmosphere and Ionosphere for Aeronomy (GAIA) assimilation

Fig. 5

Longitudinal fluctuation of GAIA parameters at 4 N latitude. The solid and dashed lines in each panel are averages over the three most EPB-active and EPB-inactive days. Further time averaging from 0630 UT to 1230 UT is applied, and the data are plotted with standard deviation bars. All data are at an altitude of 40 km. The panels are a temperature in 2003, b temperature in 2004, c eastward wind in 2003, d eastward wind in 2004, e northward wind in 2003, and f northward wind in 2004

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