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Fig. 5

From: Rheology and stress in subduction zones around the aseismic/seismic transition

Fig. 5

Paleopiezometry on the Pelona Schist. a Isoclinally folded metachert layer with sheath folds demonstrates that the metachert participates in the same intense ductile deformation as the surrounding metagreywacke. b The metachert shows microstructural evidence for dislocation creep. Dynamically recrystallized grains define an oblique shape fabric (inclined left), indicating SE shear sense in the upper part of the subduction channel. This is confirmed by the oblique single girdle of quartz c-axes measured by EBSD (inset). X and Z are finite strain axes defined by the macroscopic foliation and lineation. The dynamically recrystallized grain size lies in the range 49–85 μm, which corresponds to a shear stress of 8–13 MPa (see text for details)

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