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Fig. 8

From: Lightning detection on Venus: a critical review

Fig. 8

Amplitude distribution of pulse heights (inset) recorded at a high data rate during part of the Venera 12 descent (see, e.g., Ksanfomality et al. 1983). About 30% of the time, the amplitude was at the noise level of ~ 5 uV/m/Hz0.5—spikes of ~ 100 occur less than 1% of the time. The data (analyzed here by digitizing the plotted figure) do not permit robust discrimination of a power law from a broken power law or an exponential; the single power law with an exponent of − 1.25 is shown as an example, although there is some hint of a steeper slope at the high end of the curve (right). The distribution arises either from an intrinsic amplitude distribution, or because discharges occur at a variety of ranges, or both. The distribution is also broadly consistent with the aggregate of results shown in Fig. 7

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