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Fig. 1

From: Post-sunset rise of equatorial F layer—or upwelling growth?

Fig. 1

ALTAIR isodensity contour maps of the equatorial F layer (a) starting at 0715 UT on 22 July 1979 and (b) starting at 0743 UT on 24 July 1979. Two lines, tilted 2 ° and 5 °, sloping upward to the east, are superimposed on both maps as estimates of the PSSR. Three upwellings appear in b as modulations in isodensity contours along bottomside F layer, but similar modulation is not seen in a. [The plot in b is a redrawing of the map in Tsunoda and White (1981), with added notation.] Mean SSN for 1979 was 155.4

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