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Fig. 4

From: Seasonal march patterns of the summer rainy season in the Philippines and their long-term variability since the late twentieth century

Fig. 4

af Time-latitude cross section of the pentad rainfall along the western coastal region in each cluster (a C1, b C2, c C3, d C4, e C5 and f C6). The years used for the composite analyses are listed in Table 1. The red circles on the vertical lines correspond to the latitude of the observation stations shown in Fig. 1a as red cross marks. The red (blue) inverse triangles on the horizontal line indicate the first pentad when the sign of the time coefficients changed after (before) the 18th pentad from negative to positive (from positive to negative) for each cluster. The white inverse triangles indicate the same as Fig. 1b. The contour interval is 15 mm, and the dotted line indicates a contour of 5 mm

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