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Fig. 5

From: Maritime continent coastlines controlling Earth’s climate

Fig. 5

ISVs arriving at the IMC a around the time of rainy season onset (November–December 1992) observed by a wind profiler (12 h averaged) at Serpong (6° S, 107° E) (left) and a GMS (hourly) Hovmöller diagram along 6° S (right) (Hashiguchi et al. 1995) and b during a rainy season (December 2007) by a wind profiler network at Kototabang (0° S, 100° E), Pontianak (0° S, 110° E), and Biak (1° S, 136° E) (map and left three panels) and GMS along the equator (right) (Yamanaka et al. 2008), showing modification/decay (smaller hierarchies associated with reversals in profiler zonal winds) mainly due to the diurnal cycle (appearing in GMS clouds) over the IMC

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