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Table 2 Information about the instruments used in this study

From: The seasonal variations of atmospheric 134,137Cs activity and possible host particles for their resuspension in the contaminated areas of Tsushima and Yamakiya, Fukushima, Japan

Measured at Detector model Production Spectrometric analyzer Production
MRI GEM50 Seiko EG&G Multiport Oxford-Tennelec
IGC60210 Princeton Gamma-Tech
EGPC40 Canberra
GEM-90205-P Seiko EG&G MCA760092x Seiko EG&G
Osaka University GC6020 Canberra   
GEM40 Ortec MCA7600 Seiko EG&G
GEM 80 Ortec   
Tokyo Institute of Technology GC3018 Canberra DSA1000 Canberra
Ibaraki University GC4020 Canberra Linx Canberra