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Fig. 6

From: Refinement of Miocene sea level and monsoon events from the sedimentary archive of the Maldives (Indian Ocean)

Fig. 6

Core photographs of the drift and carbonate platform facies discussed in the text. a Shallow water limestone with red algal debris and bioclasts (Core 359-U1465B-4R-1, 18–34 cm). b Slope deposits with slumped layers (Core 359-U1466B-52R-3, 0–150 cm). c Distal slope to basin deposits characterized by intervals with higher platform export (lighter color) and intervals with reduced platform export (darker color) (Core 359-U1471E-43R-1. 0–150 cm). d Pelagic chalks with dark TOC-rich intervals (Core U1466B-56R-1, 0–150 cm). e Drift fan deposits with an alternation of coarser and finer grained bioclastic sands (Core U1468A-17F-1, 46.5–68.9 cm). f Sheeted drifts deposited in areas of a quiet hydrodynamic regime (Core U1467B-44H-4A, 48.3–81.7 cm)

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